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By John Soria (Approx. Release Date 7/09/2016

During the past decade or so, my company's focus has largely shifted from new roofing to roof repairs. My initial reason for this was to limit my own workload in my later years. In doing so however, I've discovered there is a high demand for quality roof repairs- Yet at the same time, a very limited supply of tradespeople qualified to meet this demand! Simply knowing how and being experienced in new roof installations is not enough, when it comes to troubleshooting, maintaining and performing repairs on the myriads of roofs and roof material types. In today's world, one must continually be educating themselves on the proper care, properties and performance of both old and new roof processes, lifespans, compatibility and properties.

In this article, I'll attempt to share a bit of the education which I've been fortunate enough to accumulate during my time in this ever changing field.